patrick t. conlin
    registered investment advisor

    profoundly ethical investment advice.

    I am a fee-only investment advisor deeply committed to my fiduciary duty. My investment strategies share an overarching theme — focus on the things within your control.

    know your goals

    Without a plan, investors focus on transitory factors such as fund ratings— something that can amount to a "buy high, sell low" strategy. I can help you develop an investment plan for the long-term; a personalized plan that will guide you strategically through the ups and downs of the market.

    invest with balance

    How you allocate your investments across the major asset classes will determine a large proportion of your return— and also the majority of your volatility risk. Broad diversification reduces your exposure to specific risks while providing opportunity to benefit from the markets' current leaders. I will help you tailor an asset allocation that is aligned with your goals, values and investment style.

      minimize costs

      You cannot control the markets, but you can control what you pay to invest. And that can make an enormous difference over time. Compounding fees are particularly insidious. I will help you manage them.

      maintain discipline

      It’s not buy and hold... it’s buy, hold and rebalance. Rebalancing is a strategic approach to major, sustained market swings. If managed with discipline, rebalancing can help you exploit these swings, not fear them. I can assist you with rebalancing, and support you to stay disciplined when the markets move sharply.

      it's not that difficult, no matter what Wall Street says

      (Honestly, the theory is relatively simple; it's the behavioral mistakes that can derail you.) By the time we are finished, you will understand what you're invested in, why you’re invested in it, how much it is costing and how your portfolio is performing relative to meaningful benchmarks over time. In addition, you will have a plan going forward, and trustworthy assistance when you need it.

        you are in control

        Whether you decide to manage your own portfolio, or have a professional manage it for you, you can and should understand the fundamentals each step of the way.

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